Snake Oil on top (News)

The Snake Oilers got the 1. and 2. place! with the two cars that cross the finish line. Fantastic, we here at homeoffice congratulate! Then, we guess it was a great party last night.
In Paris (News)

Then two of the Snake Oil cars has arrived at Versailles. Update from the guys in the A8 says that they also approaching the destination. Erik writes:

Mission Pack 4 (News)

After a late night in Milan, the guys is on the road again. They have received Mission Pack 4, that will take them to Versailles in France. Just before the border to France, we get a sad sms from Erik, regarding the gearbox in A8
Mission 3 completed (News)

After a great day on Monza racetrack the last part of today's stage went to Milan, where Snake Oil and the other Cannonballer’s has checked into the hotel. Here are a few words from some of our guys.
Mission 3 (News)

The Snake Oilers passed this mornings test, and has started on Mission 3A.
End of Mission 2 (News)

The Snake Oilers has arrived at final destination at the current task, they are now in Rapollo, Italy. The repport says it has been a good day, with lots of turns and a lot of slopes in the terrain.
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